Quick design piece

Just a fairly quick design piece I've done to make a change from the norm of what I usually work on with character design and the colours. Something a bit brighter. I created it on illustrator and photoshop. On illustrator I used the 'blob paint brush' tool which I've never used before. It seems pretty good and neatens the lines up better and keeps it vector based.
The design itself is quite heavily influenced on tattoo designs and ethnic/indian designs which is something that really draws my attention. I hadn't planned on putting a range of them together in different colours but it worked out that way!

Now this is done I'm moving on to work on cinema 4D which I need to hurry up and learn. I think that I'm going to have to re-do my character design for it though. Not do the Xavier character because I think as a starting point on cinema 4D and to produce a walk cycle of him (and on my own)...i think it might be too complex taking into account the design of his arm, head shape, cape, hat etc. So I think I'll have to design another more simplistic design and then create a storyboard from that. Lots to do then!




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