Smurfatar toe fluff completed!

As you know I've been working on a character design for the Steve Rack Toe Fluff exhibition. There are more details about it all and how you can submit on the website here The deadline hasn't passed yet- it's July 15th.

I finally finished my design which I called Smurfatar! I coloured it on photoshop and attempted to do some subtle shading and highlights on it but again this is something I really need and want to work on much more! The background was a stock free image I got and then I just tweaked it a bit- rotating, overlays, brushes etc. Then to finish it off all together I decided to add a texture filter to the whole piece which gave it a better look and quality. It didnt look so flat and lifeless anymore.

This is the finished design....

And this is an earlier version to compare to which although I still like, its quite flat looking.

So once it was done I emailed it off to submit and I got a reply back from Steve to say thanks and that he'd put it up on his site and on the flickr page. I checked it out and got all excited when I saw it there lol. So my design is on there now and with my name and a link to my website which is this blog. So all in all I think thats a good deal really- its self promo and getting to help out and design too. Networking!
I'm looking forward to hearing more about the exhibition and how it goes. Not all designs submitted will be used but its still good.

Here's a couple of screencaps I took...

On the website itself...

And on the flickr page. ooohhh

I then took it one step further and made a bit of a wacky and weird, rough fimo model of him too! I just bought some fimo clay the other week as I want to try using it, see what I can create and how good it is to work with. So I made Smurfatar and Frederick the rabbit. All the fimo things I'm gonna put in its own post later on.

So thats one thing done and complete, to the next thing now....Frederick again! (in a new post)


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