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I've been doing a lot of research lately, more in general but just within design overall. I'm always thinking about the future and ways to try and build upon myself- my work and get a good, professional portfolio together. As I'm sure I've mentioned in the past, I learnt a lot on the creative practice course last year in regards to thinking of yourself as a business- a brand. Create your identity and have a professional, good work ethic. Networking is SO important in design and nowadays a lot of it is online based which obviously reaches a wider audience and its more accessible.

So this website which I've followed for a while on their blog is very useful and worth people joining if they within the design industry. It's for a range of people/companies in the creative business. It's an online directory of people within animation, interior design, fashion, photography etc.

Here's the site: Creative Boom

On another note I came across this article on a blog which was interesting. It's about character design and the main fundementals of it- the most important points to remember. The woman explains the process she goes through when designing characters and her own project she's been working on of drawing a different character called 'Project 365 Vector Characters'. A lot of it is what we've covered before last semester with character design but its still interesting.

Basics of Character Design


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