Amazing papercraft animation

I've been working non stop lately on cinema 4D, trying to model and texture my Marco character before attempting to rig and animate him. Been quite stressful trying to get it all done in the time I have left with a lot of other things to do at the same time but I'm certainly learning a lot about cinema 4D now which is great. Taught myself quite a bit so far which I know is only a starting point but still! I'll be posting about all that soon with some images and where I'm up to.

But today I thought it was time for a break from working on there and decided as I still have loads more to finish- I'll write or make a start on writing my report on current and future trends within animation. I started researching this quite a while ago but didnt get very far into it. It was always in my mind though since being told about the report- to research more specifically within the area of papercraft animation. Theres lots of areas of animation that I could of focused on or looked overall at things like how well 3D animation is doing compared to 2D at the cinema over the last 10 years or so but papercraft is something that grabs my attention and I've noticed a lot more of it lately and its become much more of an art form too.

So whilst doing a little more research I just came across this video which is just wow!!! Its amazing, really smooth and just a lovely piece. Really well done, its a stop motion papercraft animation but not in a childlike way which I think a lot of people assume when they think of 'cut out paper'- like sharp edges, bright and bold whacky things. But this is really mature and elegant.

Its made by the New York based Tronic Studio and was made for the French insurance company AXA. 'The spot is said to “address the desire to remain relevant in a constantly advancing world.” And The highlights “the rapid evolution of mankind by showcasing an origami man transforming himself into some of the most important inventions throughout history.”
I'll definately be looking into Tronic Studio more after this, see what kind of style they have and other pieces they've made.

Here is the animation...

AXA_EVOLUTION from TronicStudio on Vimeo.


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