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A while ago I looked at some more animation companies and as I posted in my last blog about how the character design in that influenced my design for Marco- the Lloyds TSB adverts are another that I really like. I think the character design for that is great and I love the overall style, and for the backgrounds too. I started researching a little into it and realised that was by Studio Aka who have done produced loads of amazing work! They are one of my faves. And as I keep thinking more towards next year, I'm really keen to try out and do as much as I can for new styles and techniques for my work and all of this is really helping to kick start ideas for me. So here are a few of my personal favourites that Studio Aka have created....

And here is another which I cant post on here as its not on youtube, only on their site via flashplayer. But it's an advert for Dundrum shopping centre in Eire. I like this because its elegant and flows really nice. Its more like a motion graphics animation and simple with just black and white with trees and a bird. I think this is a style I'm really drawn to now, like in the Doc Martens advert I posted. I loved that too and I'm dying to do something like that which is really different from anything I've done. Here is the link for it though.

And another pieces of their work I love the style of was for Oilatum. Whilst I love the character design and the background design- the colours and everything. It reminds me of Coraline.... but the purpose of the advert isnt so glamorus- its for scalp treatment!!! LOL. But in all it is a very good and well styled advert with a beautiful colour palette. And yet again I cant post a video of it so here's the link... hair advert

Another company I looked at was Pysop They've also done a lot of adverts but one of my favourties was the one 'UPS Store'. It's a simple idea- not over complicated with colour or anything but its very effective. Its made bascily all like corrugated cardboard but it looks fantastic! I'm definately a fan of this style of work and it takes me back to the first ever animation I done right at the start of the year for the loop cyle which was a cardboard box and the background was very worn with newspaper and corrugated card too. Here is the advert...

Lastly was the animation studios Hornet Inc. Now I remember doing research on this company earlier this year and one lasting impression that has been a big influence to me was a piece called 'Mother Like No Other' which was made by Yves Glyn for Zune Arts. It's just so visual and another one of my favourite things which I've realised over this year is the use of textures/fabric in animations which is what this is. I think its such an effective technique and is right there on my 'to do' list either next year or even to try something like that for my own personal work if it doesnt fit with any college briefs. The guy is incredibly talented and I love his work! But Hornet Inc have an amazing team working for them.

Here is 'Mother Like No Other'. Enjoy!


  1. If you haven't already you should definitely check out Lost and Found, Studio AKA did a short animation of it and it's the cutest thing EVER. it's pretty hard to track down, I had to buy the DVD in the end, it's worth it though! :)

  2. Thanks for linking me the trailer for that! I'd never heard of it before but it looks fantastic!! Great animation on it and yep- so cute looking!

  3. Yes, efficiency is indeed the key to make any animation a success but it's also important that there is passion and genuine interest in the field to create great animation story.

  4. Yeah thats very true! You need the drive and passion for it.




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