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Well its been a week now since I handed in all my mitigation work. I was so glad to get that done and out the way, although I wish I had of been able to finish it properly. But its done now and I can start next year afresh!
So I had a few days break after that which I went to York for the day (for my mum's birthday- bit belated) and then on Wednesday I finally got to see Toy Story 3 at the IMAX which was amazing!! The animation work was incredible and I took a lot of notice of all the smaller details which I now appreciate more like the stitching detail on clothes, the scuff marks on Buzz now from age and just things like that which I think wow! Shows you how much detail they put in to making it so realistic. The character designs were fantastic too!! Loved them so much and as evil as Lotso is- he looks incredible and the Ken and Barbie scenes were brillaint. So funny!
They've done such a good job with this film and considering it's the 3rd- it's not just a crappy follow on. It really serves its purpose.

Also over the last few days I went back to my old project- XYZ and got the animatic done for it because I didnt get it done at the time and as yet had never created an animatic. So this was just a little thing to learn so I knew for future. It's not fantasic and a bit iffy in parts of it but I know how to go about making one now on Final Cut Pro.
Here it is...

So moving on now- I only really found out about the summer project yesterday and got the document for that which I've looked over and I'm about to start now. So my free time was very short lived. I've got 2 weeks left now and although there's work to do, I still want to make the most too. I'll update more on the project when I've done a bit of research and had more of a think. It's all very open at the moment and I'm not sure what I want to do.


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