I'm a winner!!!

Ooooh I won something for the first time in years! Something design related too. I go on the website Creative Boom a lot and follow them on Twitter too. Its an industry/networking kinda site with loads of articles, events and things and its their first year anniversary since they started so were having 'birthday celebrations'. They've been having various giveaways and designers have been doing different birthday designs too or people being able to design their web banner. Which is really great.

So there was a little giveaway of an art print from graphic designer Phil Bourne Creative who created a limited edition graffiti style 'bomb' character print to commemorate their 1st birthday. They gave 2 prints away but in total there were 5 signed prints produced.

Mine arrived in the post yesterday morning and its really cool! I got number 5/5 too! I don't actually own any art prints so this is my first. Here's a pic from the website of it but it looks way better in real life. I really like the bold, vector style to it and the colours really stand out.

And this is the website banner he created too based on the same thing.


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