Mama Lucchetti- one of the best things ever!

I have been meaning to upload this for sooooo long!! It's an advert I found online and even thought its not in English- you can pretty much get it anyways. But its really popular and for a food product in Argentina called Mama Lucchetti and a company called PepperMelon done all the character design which is what really drew me to it. I love the design of it so much and all the characters in that look fantastic. There's a few of the adverts they've done with these characters but the humour in it is just awesome! Its one of those things that's quite simple but you cant stop laughing...well I couldnt' anyway. And the voices!!omg!! 'stickerssss'
But when you see it you might realise that I got a lot of ideas and inspiration from this for my Marco character. The body shape it quite simple but effective and the eyes are a very visual part and add's so much character to them.
So I'll post this which was probably my fave, its one advert but then theres another which follows on from the plot of the previous...

Then it follow to this "stickerssssss"

I would tell everyone to go and watch the rest of them on YouTube NOW!! I love those adverts. I was very impressed!


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