Marco- time to texture

So my earlier post showed Marco modeled in cinema 4D but now he needs texture right... so with a lot more confusion and 'hmmmm' moments- I began. I did want to do this totally properly by unwrapping the mesh and then texturing it- sounds fancy eh. I know the words but not the technique! And thanks to the spectacular mess up of the shoulder straps on the vest with the points just going everywhere- it was a tricky thing to figure out. So although I've heard of unwrapping the mesh- this is something else I don't know how to do and don't have enough time to teach myself how to. This has to be done pronto! So it was a case of selecting the polygons for the areas needed and adding 'materials' that way.

So this is a before....(I feel like Gok Wan on a makeover...)

I had problems yet again with the vest- I had to create a separate file on photoshop to make some stripes to then create a material with it on cinema 4D for the vest. However when I added it, the shape of the stripes on the bottom went into a point, just all weird. I tried different ways of having the material on it to try and solve this problem but it didnt work and I tried to move point but that didn't work either. So Im at a loss with it. Don't really know what else I can do. Maybes this will just have to be the 'new' design- he can sent a trend for off striped stripes!

I haven't actually worked on this for a couple of days because as I said earlier- I had been working on cinema 4D non stop for days and days on end. I needed a bit of a break from it so switched to more paperwork things- wouldn't exactly call it a break but you know what I mean. At least its something I could get on with and knew what I was doing. So I did get my report and things done tomorrow I want to finish off my PPD to hand in and then its back to cinema 4D again. I have the massive challenge of figuring out how to rig the character and then animate him. And time is SO not on my side now!! Quite appropriate I have the Scissor Sisters song 'Running Out' stuck in my head- that is indeed what I am doing. So yep I'm off to bed now at its 1am and I've hardly slept lately and then tomorrow its carrying on again. Watch out for more updates and a bit of a summery of my overall 'academic' year.


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