Peacocks in lurveee

Strange title for my post...well all will be explained! Like I mentioned last time, I'm working on my summer project. What we have to do is research some of the animation festivals and their submission guidlines. This project will contiune and build up over next year and we have to pick one of the festivals to submit our animation to. At the moment I've 'kind' of narrowed it down between 2 but dont hold me to that!

So for the project itself we have to write a script, storyboards,character designs and backstory. The animation is to be a 1 minute short and primarly character based and can be in any media form.

For some reason lately I keep thinking peacocks and then when I found out about this project I thought oooh yeah I could do that. But then I tried to think out of that and think of other ideas. But to no avail! I did try thinking of different animals but non really stood out. Then I was listening to a song by Robyn called 'Girl and the robot' and thought perhaps a story based between 2 characters like that but thought nah. I couldnt make it appealing or even make anything out of it at the time. The peacock idea still stuck in my mind so this is what I decided to do. I'm not set on the story for it yet but its pretty much going to be about a male peacock trying to get the attention of a female peacock (peafowl). As peacocks dont like to be alone and like to find a partner. The male shows off his feathers to attract the female! So its gonna be something based around that with a bit of fun to it and a lot of expressions.
Right now I dont know exactly what style I want this to be in or how but I know it will be 2D. I dont want 3D for this- I think 2D will portray and justify the animation properly but 3D will just take some of this appeal away- thats my personal thought on it right now anyways.

So I've been researching a bit about peacocks and done a couple of rough sketches but I'm gonna start working more on getting a style for it. Something quite funny but not tacky and not too realistic looking.




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