Time for a bit of reflection...

Well its that time- time to reflect. I've finally completed my PPD module, well I will have once this post is printed. So I thought as its the last before I hand it in, it would be a good idea to post more of a thought on my overall year.
I cant believe its almost the second year already. I know from my last course just how quick time went over but it still does suprise me! I've learnt a lot this year but especially a lot over the summer too. It's been quite daunting having to get all my mitigation work done and even more so having to learn cinema 4D from scratch. That is a big regret that I have about this last year- just how much time I was off and how much I ended up missing. It really made things more difficult in the long run but it couldnt be helped. I just hope to be ok for all of next year! Or i'll drag myself in lol. I dont want a repeat of this though. I want to be able to get on and then there's the major part of next year with a work placement. Scary but exciting!
I'm really really looking forward to doing new work, trying new techniques and really building upon what I currently know right now. I'm mega keen right now. There's so much I want to do.

Time management...
Something I need to do next year better is time management and to spend less time on the initial research of a project. I always get carried away and go really in depth and spend way too long doing research which although is a good thing- it cuts into the time of actually creating the piece itself so its a bit of a no win there. I need to get a better system going with that!
Another thing I MUST do which will save a lot of time is keeping my bibliographies from the start. I did get better with this and started keeping them as I was going along with projects but you know how it is- start and then it kinda fades so then you end up spending ages dashing as the end.

I still have my digital module to finish for later this week which I'm really worried and stressing about. I still have a lot to do and to be honest, I dont know if its all gonna be done. But from next week with the remaining time I have left, I want to continue to follow some tutorials to learn more on cinema 4D ready for when I go back and I also want to try some things out of magazines I have too and create some sort of animation if I have time- not sure what yet.

So I'm looking forward to the next year- but it will be followed by more stress, more work and time going even faster! But I guess I wouldnt have it any differently really. I dont feel right when I'm not busy doing any work. I complain when I have too much to do and complain when I have nothing to do. Think a lot of people know what I mean there. I will enjoy the next few weeks I have off though because I've worked SO hard all summer and basicly been a recluse so I'm gonna go out- enjoy the sun we dont seem to have anymore and most importantly I'll be off to see Toy Story 3!!!

So thats the end of my reflection and before I say 'peace out'...just to let you know I will be carrying on posting updates throughout the time left off.

Over and out.


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