Working on my conquer Cinema 4D

This update should of been done earlier really but I've been working on this more and then I wrote my report, finished my sound module and been working on my PPD more too so I've deffo been a busy lil bee.

This was my starting point and it even took my ages to just get to this 'starting point'. I honestly didn't have a clue for how to set it up for starting my character. I wasnt sure if I had to make a plane then used the spline to create the outline, or use shapes like the cube, or even if I create a half side of the character or the full body of it. It really did take me a long time to work out the best way. I tried looking around for ages for tutorials on character modeling and really annoyingly- the one thing I had which probably would of helped a lot was a tutorial on a disc from an issue of 3D world. I keep all the discs from magazines together, yet that one was the only disc that wasnt there and remains to be found!!!

So back on track- this was the start point which I created polygons for then dropped a side view and front view of Marco onto. This was to keep the scale and shape right which worked.

I modeled half of one side of the body and dropped in symmetry to make it quicker so I wouldnt have to model each side. It started with a basic cube which was just then scaled and started to extrude and scale to create the arms etc.

But then it turned out creating the head was a bit more difficult, it wasn't good for shaping from a cube. I was going to create a separate sphere and attach it but then it was just easier to start on the body again from a sphere. Which thankfuly worked and made it easier for the head.

Once the basic body shape was done, it was time to start with the clothes. Now as I'm still new to cinema 4D and learning along the way with no time to spare- I dont know at all how to use the cloth tag tool thing to create clothes properly. So the next best thing I figured was to just use the polygons on the body itself to scale out or expand to shape to what I needed. This started off easy but then started messing up a lot around the sleeve part on the vest top- for the straps. The polygons/points were crossing over and just not going right. I've tried my best to get the right kind of look though...Oh and I created the mouth too which was really fun to model. I also learnt how to keep making sure the x points were set to '0' to keep the symmetry correct!

Next was to the hair- the dreaded hair! Like with the cloth tag thing, I didnt know how to use the hair tool properly. I've read/seen some things about it but not enough to know how to use it and edit it to create what I need and with time not on my side- again I had to settle for an alternative. But with Marco's hair being shaped with different sections, I wasn't sure how best to model it. It couldn't be extruded from the head.
So with my thinking cap on... I decided to create a separate disc. I tried to shape it as close as I could to the original hair style.

Then I started to scale, extrude and rotate parts of this and thankfully it created somewhat of the hair shape of the original design. It's not exactly the same but not too bad for a first try.

So after what felt like- well a really really long time working on cinema 4D, I had the basic model pretty much done. But not textured yet.


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