Drawings and more drawings

I've been really busy working on character designs for my peacock animation. I'm knackered and back at college tomorrow for the start of the 2nd year. This animation will be continued during this time and developed more.
For the design of the peacock I wanted it to have a cartoon style but also remain true to its form for at least the shape of it- so its not 'too' realistic. I tried a few different versions and finally got one I was happy with.
Here are some of the concepts:

I decided that the look of the wavy tail feathers looked better and slightly different so this is the final design which needs to be done on illustrator.

So after that design was done, it was time for the female character, the peahen to be precise! Now after doing some research, I realised that they dont have the same feathers on the tail as the male and their colours are very different. Not as bright and more neutral tones. This is my design for the peahen which again needs done in illustrator and this was a lot quicker to design after having the peacock version done. I also want to change the green colour on her front more because it stands out too much.

I havent got my storyboards or script done yet but I've got the idea in my head for what I'm doing and the look I want it to have. Just getting it all down on paper now.


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