First week development

Well I've officially been back at college for a week now- in the second year already! This year is certainly gonna fly by and there is so much to do and trip to Berlin for Pictoplasma and of course our final exhibition at the end. So busy times ahead but I'm looking forward to it.
The summer project I have been working on is going to carry out over around 8 months so its quite an in depth project which luckily allows for more development and to get a real good finish on it. So for the peacock animation- I've been working on the character design a bit and creating the backstory for Bertie (the peacock) and Sofia (the peahen). I have also given more thought over this week to the technique of how this is going to be created. It will be a stop motion animation which at the moment I'm thinking the models of the character will be a mixture between 2D elements and 3D. I cant wait to work more on this. I'm also going to get back to a good old bit of set design!!! wooooo. I will be creating a forest with a stream running throughout and this set will be built. I really want to create a beautiful but fun piece of animation. So all of this will be worked on more over the coming weeks and months.

Back to more of the initial character designs- I tried doing a live trace and paint of Bertie but this isnt the look I want.

I am going to do a neater version of the line work, try a live trace again and if this still doesnt look right, then I think the pen tool is my best option. It will look neater and then I can work on the colour more and change the colour of the outlines, add more texture etc. So I'll be working on this over the next week to get my model sheets done.

There is so much I want to do over this year and I think a main part is going to be from self development with side projects at the same time. I really need to build up my skills and techniques because at the moment my show reel material is almost non existant and I want to try quite a range of things. So I want to work on lots of little shorts, even just quick hand drawn things. Its all about practise and learning. Lets hope this actually happens and I stick to it and its not just one of those 'ooh I really wanna do this and this...'
So watch this space!


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