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Thought I'd post a quick update while I have the chance. I havent been too productive this week but its been more 'thought' based with a lot more 'what will I do' mixed in.

We had group crits on Monday with Dave and I explained what my idea was for the peacock stop motion and he suggested I try working on the character design a bit more to exaggerate features like the legs or neck and then maybes use feathers for the actual model itself but I'd prefer no to. I dont really want it to have actual real feathers- even though they look nice but for the overall style for the animation and models, I'd rather have it more stylzied. He also mentioned maybes trying some buttons and things like that..... so I went home really confused and wondering what to do, how to develop my designs, if it was actaully worth doing that animation or totally changing my idea and also script wise it's not very together with a plot.

The next day I started to think more and went into town and bought a few bits and pieces to experiment with like some buttons to put on the tail feather parts, some blue cord type thing to try for the neck and I also made a small tree trunk shape for an idea for the forest scene. I want to have the tree's quite flat and 2D but have them quite layered amongst the set itself so it has depth to it all. I made it using foam board then using a technique I tried a long time ago- i put polyfiller on quite roughly and then painted it. This seems to work pretty well as a tree look and texture. I'll continue to experiment with things like this though.

For now I need to hurry up with my designs to get a 'new' final design done for the peacock and peahen and then get my model sheets done. I also need to bring my plot together to make it more solid and have more of a purpose and theme.

We just had our second computer session this year too which was quite fun, just trying out different things on illustrator like the blend tool and just getting more ideas for our model sheet layouts and backgrounds. Tonight if I have time I want to get some more designs done!


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