Airbrushing time

With the legs done now, I still need to add more detail to both of the male peacocks but in the meantime I sculpted some kinda 'eyebag/cheeks' on the heads which look wrong at the moment but once the beaks and eyes are on it will look right and I wanted it to resemble the designs too. I just wasnt happy with a totally round head.

Today I done that with the heads and then just made a start with airbrushing Sofia's body. The colours for Sofia are very neutral- using beige, browns, yellow/golden tones. So I started with airbrushing some primer on which airbrushing white on white is tricky!
Then I added just the first bit of colour with a yellow but it looks quite rough at the moment but there is a lot more to do and layers to add to build up colours and tone.

Here is the slooow progress of it so far...


  1. Nice ! I like where this is going.

    What kind of paint and primer are on that ? It needs to be flexible...

    Any good link about "papier mache" ? I know the expression, but nothing about the technique.

    Keep up the great work !

  2. Thank you! The primer is just an acrylic primer and the paint is acrylic too. The main body of the peacock doesnt need to move so its just the neck, legs and changing eyes and beaks that need to be able to move. I'll have to think this through more for making the snake though because that does need to move.

    I dont have any link about papier mache sorry but its the first time I've properly used it before but its not the common method of newspaper and paste. I used just normal tissue paper cut up and PVA glue and thats it but it dries nice and clear and works a lot neater too. But I started off with a polystyrene egg and ball for the body and head- this is what was then covered in the mache.
    Thanks again for the comment!




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