All about the legs!

Today has been slightly more productive in terms of being able to see progress rather than just more paper mache! Apart from a bit more paper mache, I got all the legs sorted.
I made a tester one with the magnet and liquid latex to make sure it still worked before doing the final ones and luckily it did. So I mixed some paint with the latex and then started adding it. It dried a bit darker than I wanted so I lightned the colour for the last 2 coats. I like the rough texture finish it has because it resembles real peacock and chicken legs more that way.
Once they are fully dry in the morning, I'll double check they still work with the magnets- I hope so!!

Heres the latex and paint mixed in my super high tech container- hair spray lid! And yep thats Toy Story 3 kitchen roll...

And the legs done- weird pic but there you go...


  1. Why thank you! lol. It has been very odd seeing 3 sets of legs like that on my desk- quite random!




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