And so it begins..

Today I froze... but inbetween that I went into town to get some pieces together to start making my stop motion peacock models.
I was going to just start with making Sofia first for this model to make sure I had a full model made and a test piece of animation done but I figured it was easier and best to just make a start with all of the peacock ones as the method of making them is from building up paper mache for the body and the head- on top of polystyrene balls. So whilst one is drying- I can work on another and so on and so on...

So I began making the wire armature- pushing it through the torso part and began building up the paper mache. I really hope this works! I'll find out in the morning when hopefuly a lot is dry. I'll continue to build up more of the body shape and the heads too. My hands are killing already! But hopefuly it'll all be worth it.

One thats done and dry, then I can probably make a start on airbrushing the body but that actually wont be tomorrow I dont think. I need to get some magnets first for the feet parts though before I coat them in latex.

I'll be posting some photos of the process from tomorrow.

So for now my plans for tomorrow are (fingers crossed...if I can!)..:
- Build up more paper mache on body to shape
- Continue with the other two models
- Write script.

Thats the plan so I'm off to bed now.


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