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Earlier this week I was looking at other stop motion animations. Just some short clips on youtube but I wanted to look at more animal based stop motions rather than just humans because the type of movement and design is totally different.

So the first one is this which is from New Zealand and made by the animator Antony Elworthy who also worked on the Corpse Bride and Coraline. This is very, very much the style of Creature Comforts in the way that animals are talking and being interviewed. I think this seems to work really well and its funny. In this I really liked the chicken character and the facial expressions of it. I really paid a lot of attention to the expressions as I want this to be a strong point in my animation but this one was done with the plasticine technique which I'm not using. I'm also not really keen on the more 'flat' looking characters on this animation- their heads look too wrong. But enough blabbing on- here is the animation:

The second animation I looked at was for an advertising campaign on Animal Planet. It's a lot of meerkats and I love the background. It's simple but looks really nice and not too overpowering. The meerkats look quite unusual but cool! Their expressions and the way they just keep popping up- its great! So yeah I really enjoyed this- although it does have a serious meaning about pollution!

And then this one about 'gassy cows'- doesnt even need explaining! It's just great! And again with good facial expressions and I like the style of the trees on this....but i dont think this would work for mine.


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