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Time for another bit of an update. I've been off college the last couple of weeks and Im behind now and had hoped to be back this week but that hasnt happened. I will be back from next week though and have a big catch up to do! I really didnt want a repeat of last year but I had to have a lil op thing but ended up having some set backs since then but I guess its better that it was more towards the start of the year. I need to catch up with my research and model sheets, do some more experiments for the stop motion models and probably a lot more too!

I've been drawing lots and lots and lots of facial expressions for my characters which I've then picked 8 of the best or most suited from each of the roughs to do for the final versions (apart from the snake where there are 9 final expressions). But all the 'final' expressions might not get used in the animation itself but as long as they show a range and the personality of the character. I've still got Sofia's expressions to draw yet.

But here is the current state that was surrounding me on my desk-


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