Great stop motion tip/tutorial and video

With my animation being made in stop motion I've been thinking about techniques to use and looking into general things of stop motion itself and I found this blog called 'Jon's Stopmo Blog' which is fantastic and lots of really cool and helpful things on there.
One thing that really grabbed my attention was a post he made on making hands for a stop motion with latex and super sculpey clay. It's the normal basics of having the wire armature but then with a bit of super sculpey in the center of the palm of the hand then filling it out and dipping it in liquid latex. This method looks really good and effective. It gives a great finish and still allows it to be posed. Now although my peacocks dont have hands- obviously...they do have legs! So maybes I can try this method out or with silicon. But if not then its definately something I'll try later in the year.

Here is the blog post itself

And here is the video to demonstrate it working- which looks great!!


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