Hmm stop motion models on a go slow

Well I started these models just over a week ago now and have been working on them all the time but to look at them they hardly look any further forward than last time. Everything is taking so long!!
But I'm annoyed because my plan for last week didnt happen at all and then this week too. I havent been well yet again and its caused set backs and I just want to get everything done. Its a bit of going around in circles at the moment.
I still need to do my storyboards, sketchbook, put research together more and script..and finish the model sheets! So theres a lot.

But these models- I'm so over paper mache now! It's taking a long time to build layers up and try and keep it all smooth too.
Another problem was getting magnets to put into the feet for keeping the model stable when animating. I tried everywhere for them and even got my dad trying to get them- poor dad! I got some craft ones which were no use at all, theres probably more strength in a licked stamp! But in the end I had to order some online which came yesterday and they are super super tiny but super strong!! I spent ages putting them in the feet but then it didnt work for some reason so I had to remove them and try again- i think maybes there was too much surrounding the magnets the first time.
But the next step is to coat the legs in liquid latex which Im worried will effect the magnets so rather than going straight into adding the latex to the final models- im going to try a test one first just to make sure I dont mess things up more!

I plan to do that today and also start adding the smaller detail to the back end of the male peacock bodies. I still need to get coloured wire which I havent found in town- not the colour I need anyways so thats gonna be online too and also perhaps bigger eyes because I'm not happy with what I have at the moment. I just hope I dont have to wait 'too' long if I order online but theres nothing else here.

On Sofia I added more of her backfeathers which was done indivdually then blended to the body more. So its all mache. I was going to use coloured card or something but I just had a worry that it would look a bit tacky- the same for the male ones too.

So here are some pics of the ever so slight progress which looks minimal but has been a labour of love!

Legs are covered in thread (cant believe how long that took just for that) and also testing out for the head size. I got some smaller polystyrene balls too but the bigger version looked better.

The neck will be something like this which is covered in a suitable colour thread/ribbon type 'thing'. The colours for Sofia are all very neutral but for Bertie it will be blues and Eric will be purples.

State of my desk!! Day and night at the moment...

Adding the back feathers to Sofia. She doesnt have the plummage and tail feathers like the males do.

Adding the magnets to the feet. This didnt quite work though so since then I've took them back out and stacked two together on top of each other rather than side by side like this shows:

So thats pretty much where I am right now with them. I really hope to get a lot more done and feel a lot better again too over the weekend. I need to be able to keep to plans with no more set backs but you know that doesnt happen like that.

And its Halloween this weekend wooo!! Got a pumpkin here! Gonna set a little time aside tomorrow to have a lil 'me' time and carve something on it...probably Burton style quite obvious for me and its lame how excited I was to get a pumpkin to carve!


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