Me vs clay

Ok so I'm gonna be posting some threads based on my thoughts and kinda like a review of each type of clay I've tried. This has all been to help when it come to a project like this for stop motion- so I understand what works best, how and different techniques or mistakes to learn from.

I've tried:
- Fimo
- DAS air drying clay
- Sculpey

Now along with any of these, other materials can come into the process for making things- depending on the purpose and there is so much more for me to try and to learn with using any of these but from what I've done I'll do my best to sum it up and explain what happened with each one. Are you ready????? ...gladiators ready, contenders ready? 3, 2, 1 gooooo

First up for review is Fimo clay. I used this during summer to just make a little test piece of the Toe Fluff character I designed and the Frederick character (both below)

I heard a lot and read a lot about Fimo clay and noticed it was what they made the awesome licquorice allsorts bracelets and things. So I made these two pieces using the coloured fimo and I found that it was ok but probably not something I'd use often. For baking it was fine but I found that when working with it, it went soft too quick and the colours can smudge and bleed into each other too much which is really annoying! Especially if your wanting more detail to show and it turns into a blob. But another main thing about this is that I think its suited for fun little craft things but nothing on a bigger scale. It is easy to mix together though to make another colour but again I found that in the end it wasnt as neat as I wanted it- probably more my fault tho! But I ended up painting them in the end which kinda defeats the purpose of using it in a range of colours. So I probably wouldnt use this much in the future. If I did I think it would just be for more background hobby type of work- nothing for real use.

- Next up is DAS air drying clay. Now with this the clue is in the name 'air drying' so you dont need to bake it. But as the name also states clay- I dont really consider it to be like clay and more of a pulp texture. I used this once in the past but it was only a tiny bit to make some little fittings inside an interior model so nothing to shout about really or judge it by. So this time I got to try it more- for the Marco model. I made this a few weeks ago while I was in a crafty mood but didnt have any sculpey to use.

So I made a wire armature- bit of a crappy one at that and then bulked it out with tin foil and then started adding the clay to it which was quite difficult at times and then as it started drying- joints around the armpits and the legs kept cracking and it was just going quite wrong and took a long time. This is SO not the right 'clay' to use for this type of thing and I wouldnt use it again for this purpose but I'm really glad that I know its capabilities more now and wouldnt try anything like this with that again.
I carved some detail in a bit once it had dried properly- which also took ages!

Finally I added a primer then painted with acrylics which isnt very neat but this is the end result. He's quite a fun character though.

And finally the sculpey clay wooooo!! Gotta say from all, its my fave to work with and I think I had the best result from it. For this I modelled a tester of my snake character for my current stop motion animation. I wanted to see how flexible it is to work with and to also try testing for baking.
I found it great for sculpting with and whats also good about this is that it can be baked a little to set, but then more added to it and baked again- so long as you dont overdo it! But this allows for it to be firmer to work with then more detail added rather then it melting all together into a blobby mess!

I'm just posting the final image for this as I'm about to post another on the making of this in particular and how it will influence or effect my final animation.

So this is the end result from the sculpey clay which was then airbrushed with acrylics. The colours dont quite show right on the photos- its a bit brighter and more blended in real life.

So to reflect a little, i'm really glad I've been able to try all of these so I know their limits and uses better which allows for less time wasting for more important project work or things going wrong. The sculpey clay is deffo my clay of choice and the most popular in the stop motion industry too. I've seen some amazing pieces that people have sculpted too which is such a craft!! So a lot can be achieved with it thats for sure. Sculpey all the way!!


  1. i like the snake id say thats your best one

  2. Thanks!! Yeah i think its been my fave so far and worked out best.

  3. Upppps...that's really nice!!Cool to see how you do this artwork!Hope to see more of this!

  4. Awww thank you!!! I always take a lot of pics when I make things, nice to see the progress. I'll be making some more things soon.




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