More stop motion findings

I've been having a good think about ways in which I will create each model for my stop motion- which techniques are best suited and I've found out a lot by looking online and through some books about the different methods and styles people use to create their models and armatures.
I was feeling pretty ill earlier so I thought I'd relax a little and put the Corpse Bride on blu ray on- the quality is immense! Anyways I put the extras on to try and learn a bit more and I had NO idea just how technical those puppets were! Talk about jaw dropping- WOW!! Its nothing like Coraline or even Nightmare Before Christmas (which in fairness was about 10 years earlier) but the mechanics that were inside each of the heads was mind blowing. The pure detail and scale of it- how it all worked to make them smile, frown, the flow of the vail and everything. Things you dont even think much into. I've never seen anything like that and have a lot of respect for those people- that must of took some dedication! The puppets were made by one of the best and my fave company for stop motion models- Mackinnon & Saunders who have also worked with Tim Burton on other occasions too.
Now from watching this I did learn a lot but also realised that this is something that is waaaaaaay beyond my level right now- as if I could make the mechanics like that and have the understanding and skill to but it was very insightful and inspiring. I wish I could post a video of what I mean because reading this back in words sounds a bit crappy to what I watched. If I come across it though I will post it. I have the book of this but it doesnt go as in depth or show the workings of it all like the extras did. So it made things a lot clearer.

But since then I've just been thinking WOW- I bet I never watch that in the same way again now. I've got more to post soon about techniques and tests for stop motion techniques relating to my character but for now that's my mini update.


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