My character designs and plot twist- dun dun dunnn

I think I already posted- well yeah I did about the change of designs to my characters for the peacock stop motion. They have a much more cartoon like appearance and play up to it all more now rather than looking a bit more on the realistic side.

But over the last two weeks I had a change of idea for the plot. Initially it was a basic love story of the male (Bertie) who is clumsy and daft but soft hearted, trying to win over Sofia who is snobby. However....there is an introduction of two new characters taking it to a total of 4 and I feel that these really bulk out the story and make it more viable and to give it all a purpose. Before this change I just wasnt certain on the story overall and felt it was really lacking and felt a bit lost with it.
The two new characters are another peacock called Eric who is so camp and gay and then a snake who at the moment remains nameless!

So the newer plot is that it starts is the forest from up above from the snakes view looking down on Sofia who is near a little stream. Bertie comes along and is daft usual self and Sofia has the hots for him and flutters her eyes at him but he's oblivious. Next thing is the snake coming towards her and he's quite evil. He is about to attack and whilst Bertie is having a daft dance around, he accidently steps on the snake, squashing and killing it. Sofia miss-reads the signs and see's this as such a big 'macho' act and out of affection towards her- but how wrong she is! All of a sudden theres a male peacock call from behind the tree and Eric appears- the attraction is instant between him and Bertie. They do their little happy love male dance and trot off together happily in love leaving poor Sofia sad and alone, looking at her single reflection in the stream.....

So thats my rather in depth explanation of my new plot which I hope is going to be quite fun and just something different.

Here are my final line designs for the characters. Any name ideas for the snake are gladly welcome by the way!!

New character Eric in all his camp glory with his little anklet and neck tie



Nameless snake


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