New SWOT analysis- first of the 2nd year

SWOT Analysis –October 2010




  • Produce in depth research.
  • Use of Illustrator and Photoshop to produce character sheets and colour storyboards.
  • Understanding of the importance of getting your work seen and networking.
  • Online blog- regularly updated.
  • Good collection of inspirational work and designers.
  • Better understanding of making stop motion models and techniques.
  • Character design


  • Knowledge of Cinema 4D
  • Lack of actual animating
  • Use of other software
  • Not much for showreel
  • Had a lot of time off
  • My speed of work and drawing.
  • Figure drawing- need to work on poses etc.
  • Other drawing skills need building upon
  • Portfolio


  • Learn how to use new software.
  • Learn new techniques.
  • Develop my skills.
  • Work on live briefs and competitions.
  • Visit exhibitions.
  • Build upon portfolio.



  • Setbacks from previous projects have resulted in me missing out on some things.
  • Health issues- a lot of time off.
  • Little knowledge of a lot of programs and how to produce animations with them- hinders chance of work


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