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Just a very quick update before bed- its late! Anyways I didnt get any photos posted today but I have been working since this morning with paper mache! My plan not so suprinsgly didnt go to plan- I didnt get my script done today and I didnt get all the paper mache done. It's taking longer than I expected for it but they are coming on quite well and I've got the 3 peacock body's started off and with the armatures too- so not 'too' bad. The legs on them have turned out quite a bit longer compared to the drawings of them which I do regret a bit, but I think it was the only way for them really because if they were as short as in the drawings, then there would be nothing to animate on the legs because they wouldnt really be able to move much. So I guess thats not a bad thing really.

So tomorrow I'll be working on my PPD in college and then carrying on with building up the paper mache. I also need to get some magnets sorted out and look into an idea that Dave suggested for the tailfeather designs- to use a paisley design which I really like the sound of that! Lots to get on with and an early start so I'm off now. More updates tomorrow!


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