This week

Well I was finally back at college today and after having a chat through the current project and where I'm up to at the moment I have a lot to get on with!

I need to finish off the last project with a few bits of sketchbook work, research and colour my model sheets. So I hope to get that done inbetween things.

But now moving on to this module- I didnt realise it was the start of making the stop motion models and getting a piece of animation done. And me being me, I couldnt keep things simple and just have 1 or 2 characters- I have 4 so thats quite a lot to make up but we decided that for now I will concentrate on the one (being Sofia for now) and then start the rest. So that I'll at least have a piece of animation for her for the module.
My method for making them has slightly changed too and although I would of loved to have sculpted them and then cast from it or something like that- this would take a lot longer and they'd be pretty heavy. They need to be kept as light as possible so the head and body will be make from polystyrene then built up from that with paper mache and covered with handmade papers/textures or fabric to create quite a hand made style to them. They will still all have a strong wire armature within them and wire and latex legs.

I was going to go into town this afternoon and have a look for things but I decided to raid through everything in my room first to see what I had and I found a few things and papers that might be ok to use. I'm going to see whats best but probably go into town tomorrow morning and have a browse.

My plan for the rest of the week:


- Source materials
- Experiment with existing materials
-CAAD session

- Write script
- Plan model and possibly start to make


- PPD work
- Work on model

Saturday and Sunday:
- Sketchbook work from AD203
- Work on model sheets for AD203
- Work on making model


  1. Psst! Tim Burton related... :O

  2. Wooo thanks for that!! Yeah I heard a little something about that but it seems true now and I SOOOO cant wait!!!!! Now that'll be damn good!!




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