Today- not to plan

Started today off with good intentions and a plan of what I wanted to get done but was getting ready this morning and an 'obturator related accident' happened so I had to get that sorted so a lot of time was gone there and couldnt make it into college. But once I was back- it was back on with the paper mache and my love is so dying for that! The honeymoon period with paper mache is over. It's taking ages now.

Here is very rough diagram of how the model is being made- hence 'very rough'. This is the one for Sofia...

And here is some of the making so far- just looks like a bunch of eggs with legs right now!

The very start and then the polystyrene egg with leg armature fitted...

Bertie and Sofia

Sofia body- more shaped

All 3 together but not finished building up body shape yet...

So as you can see- they arent looking too great at the moment and still lots to do! Which I have right here next to me to carry on with...and with that I shall!


  1. i am so jealous that you are ahead of me damnittttt! and they all look pretty good so far i thought id have my squid finished today but i was sooo wrong i need to sew one more piece of fabric then squiddilys done :) i cant wait to see them airbrushed. x

  2. Aww thanks but dont worry im deffo not ahead at all. I've spent all weekend working on them and they look no further forward at all! lol. So much to do yet.
    Cant wait to see the squid!!!

  3. really nice work, and three cheers for the bird makers, me you and justine!!

  4. haha!! thanks. Yep us 'bird making' clan there!




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