Lack of progress..

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. It hasnt been a productive week at all, infact its been a bit of a weird week and just not what I had planned out at all. I havent got my model sheets done, the storyboards, finished the sketchbooks or the research that I needed to do.

I've been continuing with making the peacock models with stress thrown in! I realised after making the little round parts to stick on the back of the male peacocks that they didnt need to go all the way around- I realised that after adding paper mache and it had dried. So me being me and rather than thinking 'oh it'll do'- I pulled it off and sanded it down and done it right. Theres not loads of difference but you know. I had to add some smaller back end feathers and it also allows for the wire to be put in where it should be. So that was a bit of a delay.

Then for the big headache- my airbrush! It's not really working very well and now I've ran out of airbrush cleaner and cant get any more yet and its just not been flowing right. It's taking me a whole day to do just a tiny bit of work which is unreal! Now I know its not the best of the best in terms of airbrushes and not a Badger one but its still a decent one and when I first got it a few years ago, i paid a hefty ammount- especially to me at that age too. So I think really I shouldnt be blaming the 'tools' as such but probably just me. I've been cleaning it out but I've resorted to good ol youtube to watch some videos how other people clean thiers properly to see if I can learn any new tips and so far so good. So I'm gonna try again later to give it a proper clean out which will fingers crossed- help the problems I'm having.

Another thing which has caused or will cause a bit of a delay is the eyes- they are polysytrene balls and I tried just covering them in primer and paint but its no good because you see every little mark and groove so Im gonna have to add a bit of paper mache to each one and then sand to make them smoother.

Here is where I'm up to with Eric so far. Eric is the gay one so he's coloured with purples, Bertie will be blue and of course Sofia is the neutral tones.

This was adding the part at the back of them which I mentioned before which had to be changed a little bit...

And this is Eric so far- the purple has dried darker though so I'm gonna have to add a lighter shade tomorrow to lighten up the front chest part and the head. Its too awkward to airbrush on a night time because its way too dark to be able to see the colours right.

So as you can see, there is still LOADS to do.


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself, your puppets look GREAT! Sometimes when we push too hard, stress pushes right back. As the final photo shows, you are definitely on the right track!

  2. it looks really good so far i especialy like how youve done the feathers

  3. Thank you both, there hasnt been any progression since though. It's kinda had to be put on hold but I will get it done in time and hopefully when I get my airbrush fixed too.




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