Looks a bit like a biscuit

More airbrushing today for Sofia and as I've said, the colours for her are very neutral with beige, creams and browns which are what Peahens are like in real life. So I added more colour today and coloured the head too but there still needs more work done. It's looking a bit biscuity looking at the moment. I need to add a bit of a darker tone at the bottom of the feathers and maybes more of a yellow colour to the chest.
I also finally bought the different coloured wire I needed online today and polysytrene balls for the eyes (also online). I had some wooden ones but the polystyrene will keep it lighter weight and they are bigger because I wasnt happy the way the others looked. They were too small on the head compared to the drawing. Its annoying that I cant get any of these at actual shops in real life though! Like with the magnets.


  1. Your puppet progress is looking great!

  2. Thank you! There hasnt been too much progress since then but im working on them a bit more- slowly but surely!




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