Nightmare is back!

I've finished the animation I was working on for the greyscale gorilla '5 second project'. As I mentioned on the last post, the theme was 'Nightmare' and its the first time I've done one of these projects and the first time I've used after effects and its pretty nifty! I'm liking it.
Since the previous test I posted, I started again because I wasnt happy with the light bulb on it so I changed that and then...used the puppet too so slightly animate it from side to side. That is such a good tool!!!! I then also added some 'flies' and then learnt how to create a blood effect then just changed it a bit more and then last but not least I edited a bit in Final Cut pro and added a 'bad film' effect which worked cool...and not forgetting the sound.

Anyways, here is the final animation done and I know its not some grand masterpiece but I enjoyed working on it, learnt from it and thats the main thing. These whole projects are for me to try and gain some new skills and techniques and try and catch up a bit for knowing how to create styles of animation.

So here you go....

Nightmare animation from Ashleigh Hutchinson on Vimeo.

More about the current project and past 5 second projects here on Greyscale Gorilla. The deadline is Sunday for this current Nightmare theme.




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