I've spent today working on something different to the peacock animation. I spoke to Dave last week about how my skills in animation are really lacking and I'm behind in terms of that. I've missed a lot so I dont have the knowledge and understanding of software or techniques used to create certain styles etc. This has really been getting to me and I know that I couldnt exactly get employed at the level I'm at right now.

So we discussed about me doing my own background projects too which will teach me new skills, learn new software and its something that I can add to my showreel too at the end. I have ideas for some things I'd like to try but on greyscale gorilla they do a 5 second project each month with a different theme. This is ideal because its a new challenge and something different and with it being 5 seconds- its not too overwhelming either. So this is the plan to try and complete one each month and this can also be included in my work related module too.

I was waiting for the new theme to be announced which it was about 2 days ago but the deadline is Sunday so I have to get something done asap but without neglecting making my stop motion models too! So today I spent some time getting my idea together and working on after effects which I havent done before.

I wanted to create a light blub against a kind of grungy background and to have it flickering. So far I have that part done- I created the background on photoshop and then added a flare light on after effects and a 'wiggle' tool thing and changed the settings. Thats pretty cool to use actually. I spent ages looking for a 'flickering light' tutorial but then found out that kind of look is achieved with the wiggle on the light, it changes the oppacity really quickly to create the flicker effect.

This is a test piece of where I'm up to at the moment:

Now I need to add the rest which I'll post more on and explain when its done. It's in keeping with the theme of 'Nightmare' though. Its been quite fun to do and something different.


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