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I've been wanting to post this for the last few days but had a lot going on. As I'm sure everyone in my class has noticed I've been off a lot- infact pretty much all of this second year already (and most of the first) and I've missed out on a lot and its caused more stress with mitigation and things and I didnt want a repeat of that this year. But skill wise there is so much I dont know because I've been off so missed out and to catch up is difficult or to be shown on my own isnt possible for a lot.
I've been off because of health things which I thought I'd have all sorted for this year but its gonna be for sometime yet so I decided its best rather than missing out on more and more- to defer my second year so I'll go back next September. It's a shame and took a while to decide and think through but I think its for the best so that I can make the most of the course without so many set backs. Theres loads I want to learn and want to focus on it.
Normally even with a day of no work to do i start going out of my mind! But over this year, I'm still going to carry on learning new things and make use of the time to brush up on skills and techniques and learn things on after effects and cinema 4D. As well as doing more drawing work and......stop motion model making!!!! I really think I want to specialise in this area of animation and I'm keen to carry on with this and I have a few little ideas going on right now.

So I will be continuing with my blog updates but there might not be quite so much. Without sounding soppy now- im kinda gutted because I really liked my class and everyone is great and I was looking forward to the projects this year and also going to Berlin. But i'll still pop in when I can and like I said- update on here. I'm looking forward to seeing everyones work too over this year and love how different the styles are of everyone. I just thought it decent to post something on here about it. Gonna miss you all! *wipes tears away*


  1. This animation is smaal and simple, so its fast loading and not diificult for this apperiance.

  2. awww im sorry to hear that i hope you can still come to the christmas party and stuff id would be nice to see you if and when you can hopefully i might be around in 3rd year so i may see you then :) x

  3. Aww thanks justine! Yeah hopefuly I can. I gotta pop in to collect some past work too, was meant to this week but havent been able to yet. That'd be cool though if you do the 3rd year. Hope your getting on ok with the projects atm. So cant wait to see your stop motion. x

  4. Thanks Jon, I certainly will and keep busy with my own projects too in the meantime.

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