Well I finished making some sculpey buttons. I baked them longer than it says but on a lower heat. I've noticed a lot of people dont stick to the guide on the box. It's more about trial and error really.
So once that was done, i primed them with acrylic primer then painted with acrylics. I was going to airbrush but to be honest I couldnt be bothered. It was only for a few of those so nothing really amazing to work on but I havent got my airbrush working properly yet.

Then I added some glaze for the final touch which I've never used before and it does work really nice. It depends on the look you want but it is good. It'd be good for when making things like teeth too or miniture food things. So i'll be using it again and I'm glad I got it. I had a faff around to make a more Coraline style pic too- ooh yeah I also made 2 keys. Then after all of that made myslf a lil button bracelet. Not the greatest masterpiece and I should of made the buttons thinner but it was all just about keeping busy really lol.

So heres the piccys

Now.... to try and fix my macbook which seems to have gave up for no reason! Was fine the other night and shut down ok but now wont boot past the evil blue screen!




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