Coraline related randomness

Bit of a random post but somewhat of an update. Although I've had a busy week with things, I've been trying to keep my mind busy too and decided to have a bit of a faff around with sculpey clay again. I gotta get a better technique for the baking but also I want to work more with miniture detail and create some fun things which sounds pointless but will help for future stop motion model making! So there is a point to all of this....

As my Coraline obsession hasnt faded, I thought I'd make some sculpey buttons and keys in a Coraline style and maybes make a bracelet or something from it. I know its mad because I could of easily and much quickly just bought actual buttons but I wanted to anyways.

I havent got very far yet but here is a pic

I need to re-bake them again then sand, primer and paint. And I also now have the glaze to use at the end which I've never tried before but hopefuly it'll turn out nice.

I'll post more on it either later tonight or tomorrow. This is kinda leading to another idea I have of a personal project- which come to think of it they all are personal projects now eh.


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