Airbrush and spuds

Bit of an update on the airbrush front. I had a bit more time to look at it properly on Monday night and I took the airbrush itself apart and cleaned it all again and it still wasnt right but its the compressor itself which I was hoping it wasnt but the motor isn't working properly and keep stopping or there is a long delay which aint good so it really is broke and now I need a new one.

I've been having a look around online but still need to look more into which is best for what I want and for price wise and things. Theres a lot of different brands around but obviously some better than others etc. So i'm reading reviews and things like that for now.

On another note, I had a really random conversation with a friend the other night which somehow turned into talking about spuds and characters. From that, I done a rough sketch of this which doesnt look like a spud at the mo but I do wanna colour him. He's called Totek and the female will be Tiptoe. Epic adventures of Totek and Tiptoe! lol.


  1. Totek makes a great spud! Good luck finding a new airbrush!

  2. haha thanks! And thaks about the airbrush too- i 'think' I've narrowed it down now, well to the compressor anyways.




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