Creative gone missing

The last few days I've been really wanting to do more creative things again- I miss all of that, even though I was a total stress head! But it's something I miss. Unfortunately with all the daily goings on I havent had a lot of time yet and the next two weeks is pretty full on too but slowly but surely I'm getting there with at least sorting my macbook out and organising my files and getting texures and things so at least when I do have more time- I'm prepared!!

I also ventured into the world of terabytes! I got a 1TB external hard drive which has been in need for a long time. I think I've also come closer to picking my compressor- a Revell Masterclass one but cant buy it just yet. I really want to make some models right now.

Apart from that I've been wanting to look a little more into typography. It plays an important role in advertising and motion graphics and idents so its a good thing to learn.
Earlier today I watched a tutorial video on Greyscale Gorilla about something more experimental on typography. I had a little go and mess around with it. It looks pretty crappy but I used the mograph for the first time so ya know, it wasnt all a waste. I might have a tweak on photoshop with it but for now heres a lil pic of what I done.


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