Long time no see...

A somewhat belated happy new year!! I havent updated for a good while now and with not being on my course right now- I dont have 'proper' work to update on but still will when I can.

Christmas was rather manic leading up to it and we had family here from London and now I've just seen family from Pakistan too so its been all go. In the meantime I've been trying to fix my macbook (dont wanna jinx it again but think maybes 'this' time its worked..) and sort out my airbrush and compressor- which of yet isnt done.

I got lots of amazing presents for Christmas and one of them was a stop motion book which seems really good and very in depth about the creation of it all. From character design, model making, lighting techniques, materials, set designs, filming..... And a lot of really good examples mentioned in it too which I'm looking forward to looking at more. Even details for the eyes and things looks reallllllly amazing!

The book is called 'Basics Animation 04: Stop Motion' by Barry Purves.

And on another note- I've had an idea for a character design from a very, very random conversation over Christmas! So once I've got a few appointments and things out the way, with a little more time I'll get down to more drawing again!! So watch this space.


  1. Hey! Happy New Year! I've had that book on my list for some time now, but I still haven't picked it up, yet! All the best!

  2. Thanks! Ahh its a great book- from what I've looked at so far anyways. Seems to cover a lot of areas and mentions a lot of great looking examples.




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