Totek the spud

Heres the colour version of Totek the spud. Was just a fairly quick piece to colour but fun and something different. Just used some brown paper for a change, bit of coffee, brown fineliner, derwent inktense colours and some splashes of ink. Its nice to work with different things sometimes. It's got a bit of a vintage look to it too- for some random reason as I was colouring it, it reminded me of LA Ink when Kat Von D works on portraits- not that this is related in the slightest bit! haha. Random.

So thats him. I've still been busy so I havent had a chance to draw the female version Tiptoe yet but still intend to and also do a proper digital colour version too as I really want to build my skills up in that area.


  1. Haha awesome! Love the mustache! Looks like he's actually been doodled on a potato too.

  2. LOL thanks!! Yeah I kinda wanted to create more of a potato look that it was drawn on. Glad its worked then lol.




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