Weekend happenings

Another weekend over and although there's a few things I've been meaning to post on here about some illustrator's I've looked at lately, I basicly havent yet. But will do!

But for now I thought I'd just post something a bit more random but somewhat creative. I've been pretty busy again lately and more appointments and things like that but just had a chilled weekend. Didn't really do much and I wanted to just do something a bit different- I feel like I havent done anything creative for ages! So I made a bit of a random collage...takes me back to the days when I was little making my first ever collage with my grandma, sweet!!!

So here it is (not the first ever collage I made):

I also got round to watching Despicable Me. I didnt really have high hopes for this to be honest but it was good. Not fantastic but enjoyable and the minions are SO cute! Some good character design in it and good animation. Was quite a 'cute' film. So that's how I've spent my weekend- as well as the usual pain of my macbook still.


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