Amazing amazing amazinggg

I saw this short paper animation video yesterday which was posted on another blog I follow- 'Paper Forest'

The animation was this which is a short paper animation by Mandy Smith. It is sooooooooooo incredible and really inspiring!! I cant believe the amount of detail in it. I could watch it over and over. This is something which I know I've said before but I really would love to make something like this. I think papercraft has such a unique and timeless quality. It's so interesting. So without me going on more, here is the video- ENJOY

The Move, Paper Animation from Mandy Smith on Vimeo.

After that, I saw this on a website which shows and explains more of the making of it and has the most incredible close up pics from it. I soooooooo want to be able to do this- now!!!! It is immense. I love the style, the detail- everything about it. Might sound cheesy but it really has inspired me and just made me think wow!! Problem with me is I want do so much, be good at everything and instantly! ...doesn't quite work like that eh!

But check these out and be amazed

And here is the website with more of the pics and info on it. Strictly Paper Blog




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