In the Attic

Yet another random find of mine lately when probably getting side tracked. I somehow found this picture from a stop motion called 'In The Attic'. I loved the picture on its own without even seeing the animation or knowing anything about it. The way its been made looks great and very much the kinda style I like too.

Look how cute he is!!!!...and buttons!!!!

I found that pic a few days ago but have only just got around to finding out about the animation itself. It was actually made by Czech stop-motion animator JirĂ­ Barta in 2009 and was his first proper feature animation. It's got quite a creepy vibe to it although its a childrens animation but I've read that the set design and way its made looks amazing. I'm gonna try and see if I can find any clips of this because I'd really like to see at least some of it. The technique and style looks really interesting. So if I find anything, i'll post back on here!


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