Inspiration comes at peculiar times...

So its just after 1.30am but I HAVE to post this or else (my brain will explode).... I just found this pretty cool stop motion forum 'claymation' which as you can guess by the title, focuses more on the form of claymation.
Having a little quick browse on there before bed I just found this animation that a member has made which he says took him around 2 weeks to make.

This is so cool and has just given me a burst of ideas! Check it out...

Its simple but it isnt if you know what I mean. I think its SO clever and well executed and so much thought and prep has gone into it and it just works amazingly! I'm well impressed!

So its got me thinking- im raring to go with making some more of my own actual work and have had an idea for a while but I think right now that this is the kinda thing I need to focus on. Get the fundementals of it all right, the basics of manipulating and setting up, making objects move better, fly, splat etc. Getting the techniques right on those kind of elements before going full force into a bigger idea and then having more problems.
I'm so new to stop motion that its really just clicked right now how important it is for me to learn these kind of things first. So this is what I'm going to concentrate more on and set up some ideas and hopefuly try to do a bit of storyboarding as this is another area that im really lacking with. I have a lot to learn for that.

So thats my very random but urgent post of my inspiration right now!


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