My new pride and joy

Drumroll please.............. I got a new compressor and airbrush!!!!!!! I'm so so chuffed. After spending weeks and weeks searching online for the right kind of one i chose an Iwata Sprint Jet compressor and a Premiair G35 airbrush. Already I've noticed a massive difference, its amazing.
Compared to my old airbrush and compressor, this is a million times better and has more features on the compressor itself with a pressure gauge, moisture filter and single piston. Its a nice little size too and really quiet running. I like being able to adjust the pressure on it and find it best working at a lower pressure of 15-20psi. This seems better for smaller scale work that I do but of course for larger scale work it'll be better using a higher psi so there is more paint flow.

But so far I'm really impressed and cant wait to learn new techniques. I never really got a chance to do so much 'actual' work with my last one before it broke. I mainly bought it years ago for nail art before realising its good for stop motion too. The airbrush can do some impressive fine lines which I had a little practise at but cant wait to use it more. This will be good for adding more detail and shading to models.
I can now finally get back to the peacock models and get them finished- although they now wont be animated as its now not for college but I still want to finish them.

So here is my new pride and joy. Its awesome!!!!!!

And here is the mess after testing it. I didnt want risk anything with this one so I got more airbrush cleaner, another type of cleaner and proper acrylic thinner for the paints. I got some new acrylics and some magic colour liquid acrylics which are fantastic and they dont need diluting or anything like that. I want to prevent any damage or clogging as much as possible.
I also got a roll of friskett film for masking off areas when I'm working or for creating stencils. I havent tried this yet though. So here is my very expensive mess!




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