Return of the Peacocks!

As I have my new pride and joy (airbrush and compressor) I can now continue with the peacock models from a while ago which was my project before I had to defer. I always wanted to finish them as its kinda a shame not to, it would be wasted. So im gonna finish them but they wont be animated. So Bertie, Sofia and Eric are back!

I've slightly started working on the paint again, re-painting Berties main body and also making the legs on all of them more worn/dirty looking rather than all one pretty clean colour!
Already I've noticed a big difference when airbrushing and its allowing for much more control with the colours and creating a nicer blend.

At the moment they still look really crap and rough but fingers crossed they'll be a bit better by the end.

This is after re-painting the main body part:

The other peacocks need re-painting too.

And this is not a very good example of the legs for adding more of a worn look:

Then I was a bit manic and went all sweeney todd and decided to cut out the 'under eye' parts i'd put in. I was trying to create more shape to the heads, like cheeks or under eye bag kinda things to resemble the drawings but the clay wasnt actually baked and went weird so I cut it out to start again and bake any clay needed this time then attach it.

Something of what the eyes might look like...

And you know...just a bunch of rough peacocks chillin....

So a lot, lot more to do!!!


  1. Goods great! Glad to see you working on these again.

  2. thanks!! They are coming along, slowly but surely lol. Im working on them at the moment. Getting nearer the end now!




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