I've got a few updates to do which I probably wont get all done tonight (my plan for tonight went out the window)...so I'll make a start at least.

I was meant to be going out last sat but couldnt in the end so I decided I'd be productive and try and learn something on cinema 4D. Had the house to myself, Coraline blu-ray on...i know how to live!!!
So yeah it did actually turn out useful for me and just by faffing around on cinema 4D I made this random little guy- no idea why but he is what he is. Probably get him finished another time when I can but here he is for now...

Before this I had tried a piece of typography on cinema 4D. This is something I want to try more of and create more typography pieces. This was just something a bit more experimental based on a tutorial on greyscale gorilla. It looks a bit crappy really but it was still something to learn from.

As you can see this really has been general faffing on! I have a hell of a lot to learn but whilst im not well or what have you, i might as well try and make use of that time. I've been saving about a billion sites and tutorials for random things I want to learn and try out so fingers crossed it's gonna help.


  1. Liking the typography, reminds me of guitarhero a bit :D

  2. Aww thanks, ooh yeah your right! I see it now!




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