It has a beak!

More peacock that Eric now has a beak! They've all been beakless for so long, poor things. Anyways I got one made using sculpey which was a lot harder to shape a beak shape than I thought! I thought it would be pretty straight forward but not quite. So once that was done I airbrushed it and as peacocks have quite a dirty colour beak, quite gray- i airbrushed it in 2 tones which looked better at the time but now a few hours later, the colour has settled down quite a bit so you cant tell. I might have to re-touch that a bit. But I still have the other 2 beaks to make yet.

I also re-shaped the eye pupils for them which is a lot better now! And as I said in the previous post, I should of made the wire tail feathers longer- it was bugging me every time I looked at them so thats what I did- made them longer. I havent finished sticking all the sequins back on yet though so they arent fixed in at the moment.

But for now, here are a few pictures of Eric with his beak but its not stuck down yet, or the eye pupils. It's just what it 'will' look like probably....


  1. Ah, great peacock! The beak maketh the bird. Cos before, with no features, it looked quite funky alien-like.

    And, nice subtle tones on the beak.

  2. Hey, look at how cute that is! Great job! I'm also lovin' how you've made the tails!

  3. Thanks Dean, haha yeah some weird freaky alien thing going on with them. Think I need to add some more colour or lines or something to the heads.

    And thanks Jon! It's taken ages with the sequins but I'm glad it seems to be working out ok then :)




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