Peacocks are done!!!

Well today is the day I have finally finished making the peacock models!! It feels like its taken forever but really the designs were started in September, well just before actually in the summer holidays. But were developed more when I went back to college for my project. But as you know, I had to stop and defer for the year but decided to carry on making them.

Then there was many set backs with having a lot of appointments and Christmas and my airbrush/compressor breaking right near the start of making them. So that took a lot of time away!
I have enjoyed making them but some of it like the paper mache became tedious haha. They wont be animated now though so during the process of making them, there wasnt so much importance on that part- for being able to move them- although their legs can fully move. The eyes and head are pretty much fixed in place. So that would of been different if they were animated.

One part I also got to try more with was the airbrushing and really enjoyed that. And the main thing I took from that was realizing that things sometimes need re-painting, or they did in my case especially on Sofia because the colour can often take a little while to settle and when it does, its darker and not so 'airbrushed' looking. It can merge together. So thats something for me to remember in the future.

I really want to try making a human stop motion model now after this and carry on learning different techniques.

So here is a group pic of them all- the perspective of them looks way out, they dont differ in size 'that' much! But after this post I will be posting each one with full pictures.


  1. These look great. It's a shame you're not animating them, it'd be fun to see them engage with each other. Their limited movement could be their charm. They have bags of character! :)

  2. Thank you so much! Yeah I'm a bit sad they didnt get right through to the full project, even with the set but I enjoyed drawing their expressions earlier on lol.




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