Sugar Skull

I spent all of this weekend in so I decided to 'attempt' to get my creative thinking back. I seem to have had a mind block lately.
I went to college earlier this week for a bit of a catch up and to see what's what for when I go back in September. Was really nice to see everyone again- HI!!!
After speaking with Dave, I know the next thing for me is to learn how to rig a character in cinema 4D to create a walk cycle and animate it. This was quite a crucial thing I missed last year and tried over summer to work on but it wasn't quite right. But I'll be posting more in detail about this soon as there is a LOT I need to learn before I go back! And in the next few days I will be designing a very simple and basic character to model and rig (I hope).
So more on that soon.

But back to this weekend- I had a scan of a skull outline I done a few weeks ago which I wanted to turn into a sugar skull design. I really like this kind of thing and always wanted to try one myself just for a change.
So I scanned in my outline and took it to illustrator to work on. Now Illustrator CS5 has some cool new features which I got a chance to see a tiny bit of once I had went over with the pen tool and changed the brush type. You can now change the line thickness throughout- so any part of the line, not just the ends of it. Its a really nice idea and I'm looking forward to trying more with that. You can also warp them, pinch etc.

This was my original outline...

And after outlining with the pen tool and changing the brush style and adding a few pretty little swirls!

Then....the eyes were going to be full block black colour, but after kind of messing around with lines, brushes/shapes - I ended up with this pattern which I thought worked pretty cool for the eyes so thats what happened!

After finishing all the line work in illustrator, I went to photoshop to start on the colour and added some nice overlay textures and used colour burn etc and added a bit of shading. Im still not very strong with shading but this is probably better than what I've done in the past and I'm getting a bit more used to it. I love experimenting with textures now.

I then wanted to create some sort of starburst background for it so I made a nice gradient and then found the startburst shape to overlay on it and then added another grungy texture. I think this worked well for the style of the skull.

This is my final version....

Then just by accident I changed the gradient map setting on it and liked this more rather 'trippy' look and thought it was quite different to what I normally do and then added some text on illustrator of one my usernames 'Filthy Utopia'

So all in all, it was quite productive. I learned a few new things, tried out a different style and it made a good change.


  1. That's an album cover if ever I saw one!

  2. Awww thanks for the great comment!! I love album art work so thats a great compliment!




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